Top 20 Most Insane CraigsList Ads You Won't Believe Were For Real

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Craigslist is great for buying and selling things on the cheap. You’ll be scratching your head and probably be a little freaked out when you check out this list of the 20 most insane CraigsList Ads that you won’t believe were for real.
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Be Amazed at these crazy craigslist ads! Pony For Sale - A pony for a child’s birthday party doesn’t seem strange on the outset. We’ve all seen that before. Single Thief - We’ve all heard the saying that people find love in all the wrong places. Bathtub Full of Noodles. This Pittsburgh Ad brings new flavor to creating Italian Cuisine. Belly Button Lint - It’s good to set high-goals for yourself. This Craigslist Ad starts off strange and then get down-right ridiculous. Dictation for a Dad Person. Stick with me here. This one starts off insane and gets even wilder. Pope Hats! As we all know, the Economy wasn’t all that great in 2009 and it caused a lot of small business owners to go out of business. Generic Dad Needed - This insane ad was in search for a Generic Dad to fill the role of BBQ Dad at a June 17th Backyard BBQ. Pet Human.Ever been tired of the responsibilities of being an adult? Wish those responsibilities were gone for a week and you could just lay around all day? Child Size Crutches - This insane ad is beyond creepy, but perfect for anyone playing Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol”.

If you’re looking to partake in some pretty shady business practices, it’s important to really sell people with a great tag line. Have you ever wanted to star in your very own documentary? Do you love surfing the web? Are you dead? Canoe-Dwarf - This ad is insane by its premise, but under further inspection seems like an insane amount of fun. Live Party Ducks - What’s a raging party without beer, music, and….party ducks? Crappy First Date - This 2013 ad from Iowa City is a Craiglist shout out to “the woman who crapped her pants in my car”. Get Pregnant! Ever wanted to bare a child for 9 months, raise it on your own with no support, and not care about the person who the father is ruining your life? Demon Gypsy Couch - Writing an ad in the style of a sonnet may be an amazing way to get attention to your product. Shrunken Pet Head Amulet - Dogs are man’s best friend. When animals die its hard for the owners to truly part with them. Butt-Pumpkin - Going out on a Limb - Please Let Me Sniff Under You

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