My Magic Basketball Morphle! - Morphle super hero bal sports Cartoon for kids playing basketball

Show Description
In this a many episode compilation of the 'My Magic Pet Morphle' children's cartoon series. Morphle can morph into all sorts of things that kids love; like Dinosaurs, cars, trucks and cute animals. In this episode Morphle becomes a ball to play basketball with!

TV show is for toddlers and older kids, but because of it's fun colors and sounds it is even popular with babies.


'My Magic Basketball' Episode by: Mark Bastiaan

Produced by: Arthur van Merwijk

Mila: Sabrina Glow ( )

Other episodes: Danne Bakker, Mark Bastiaan, Nicole Derksen, Jessy Suharyanto, Jesse Tamerius, Merel Hamers, Etienne van Emden, Ruben Zaalberg, Jeroen Koffeman

Backgrounds: Jan-Jaap Schraverus

Characters Designs: Jan Jaap Schraverus, Stein Louisse , David Muchtar
(Mila, Morphle and Daddy Character Designs: Arthur van Merwijk )

Rigging: Stein Louisse, Jeroen Koffeman, David Muchtar, Jan Jaap Schraverus

Sound Design & Music: Spoon-sound
( http://www. )

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